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What is oyepal

The Most Effective Employee Financial Wellness Platform.

Employees can use our application that will help them with their earned wages and may be transferred to their salary account.

Oyepal advances funds to your employees, allowing you to save working capital for your business. Because Oyepal is not a loan, withdrawing through our platform has no effect on employees’ credit scores.

They have access to their earned wages whenever they need it.

Financial Wellness for the Modern Workplace...

Earned wage access helps your company by helping your employees


Our Advantages

Our advanced salary employee platform benefits make a significant and positive difference in the lives of employees. Employers can improve retention, productivity, and employee engagement by making our earned wage access platform available to their employees.

Access to Advance salary (Earned wage)

Employees can access a portion of their pre-tax earnings whenever they need it.

Employee Advantage

Choose the benefit that is most beneficial to your employees. Easily accessible through a single program.

Create Awareness about

Boost your coworkers’ cash flow situation and give them complete access to the funds they’ve earned.

Ease of Integration (in your system)

Simple onboarding and data integration with your existing system.


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